Enter Stamp's app and browse Explore to find a new product to purchase without VAT. You can reserve your product from the app and later pick it up at the store.

How to request a product reservation?

  • Enter Stamp's app and select the product

  • Click on RESERVE

  • Select the store you want to buy the product from

  • Specify a size and / or color

  • Click on RESERVE

  • Receive an initial notification confirming the reservation request

  • Receive a second notification when the STORE ACCEPTS your reservation request

  • You can now COLLECT the product at the store

How do you pay for the product? Enter a payment method within the Stamp app. Once the reservation request has been sent to the shop, the price of the product excluding VAT will be pre-authorized on your card. Once the store accepts your product reservation request, the pre-authorization will turn into a charge. Remember, as with in-store purchases, VAT will also be pre-authorized until your invoice is approved by Customs. However, VAT, unlike the vat-off price of the product, will not be charged.

Why can the shop refuse your product reservation request? For a variety of reasons; for example the product may not be available in the store in the size or color you requested.

How can I cancel a product reservation? Write to us in the chat.

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