The service is free up to €300 of cumulative expense with Stamp. Once you exceed this limit you become a Premium customer until the end of the month that follows the month of your purchase.

For example: if you spend for the first time €310 on October 13 in a store, you become Premium until November 30.

During your Premium period, Stamp’s service price is:

  • €3,99 from €300-€500 of cumulative expense

  • €9,99 from €500-€2.000 of cumulative expense

  • €19,99 above €2.000 of cumulative expense

At the end of the Premium period, your cumulative expense goes back to zero so Stamp service is again free up to €300 of shopping.

For example: On October 13 you become Premium by spending €310 in a store. If on November 4 you spend €300 more and on November 15 you spend €600 more, your cumulative expense with Stamp has reached €1.210. If you will not shop anymore in November, Stamp will charge you a €9,99 commission.

All amounts include VAT.

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