How Stamp works? Purchase directly without VAT and then go to customs.

Amount you save: You pay the items without VAT directly in the store. You never pay the Tax, so you don’t need any Tax Refund on your shopping.

Required information at the 1st purchase: Phone Number or WeChat account, Passport details or ID (Swiss and Italians only), Credit/ Debit/ Prepaid card details as a VAT warranty.

VAT card warranty: Stamp pre-authorizes the VAT on your card for warranty. The VAT is not charged, the money remains on your bank account. You may receive a bank communication about this pre-authorization request. It will be cancelled when the invoice is approved at customs.

EU customs validation: When leaving the EU, you must visit the official EU CUSTOMS office to get the invoice validation within 90 days since its issuing. The goods purchased must be unused and ready for customs control. With Stamp, you MUST NOT visit any private tax refund office. 

  • Italian & Austrian Customs: visit the customs office with your paper or digital invoice to get the validation

  • Other EU Customs: visit the customs office with your paper invoice, then send us a clear digital picture of the validated invoice


  • Invoice approved: Stamp will notify you once your invoice is approved and cancel the VAT pre-authorization on your card

  • Invoice rejected: Stamp will notify and charge you the VAT amount if you fail to obtain the customs validation

Service price: The service is FREE up to €300 of cumulative expenses with Stamp. Once the customer exceeds this limit, he becomes a Premium customer until the end of the month after that of his purchase.

During his Premium period, the service price is:

  • €3.99 from €300-€500 of cumulative expenses

  • €9.99 from €300-€500 of cumulative expenses

  • €19.99 above €2,000 of cumulative

At the end of the Premium period, your cumulative expense goes back to €0 so Stamp service is again free up to €300 of shopping.

All amounts include VAT.

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